Long involved in studies of Goya, California artist Jeanne Morgan took up a dip pen and India ink and, each day for 80 days, “translated” one Capricho into the poetry of sparkling line drawing, thus producing the 80 drawings of An Interpretation of Goya’s Caprichos. Morgan graduated from the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County with the degree of Master of Fine Arts. Among many other professional activities she has served as a graphic designer for the Institute for World Order at Princeton University and as a lecturer in Fine Arts for the University of California at Berkeley. She is a charter member of The Committee for Simon Rodia’s Towers in Watts, a guardian group founded in 1958 which monitors the conservation of this internationally famed National Historic Monument. As well as a participant in Fine Arts, Morgan has a background in journalism. She was the Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Free Press, a very successful tabloid newspaper during the sixties. Five of her Op-Ed articles for the Los Angeles Times have been syndicated on the L.A. Times-Washington Post News Bureau to 200 national and 200 international publications. Born in Buffalo County, Nebraska, Jeanne Morgan has lived in Santa Barbara, California for many years and also has been a resident of Los Angeles, Berkeley and New York City. She organized and led “The Poetry Zone,” a weekly public forum with audience participation which was a cultural resource in Santa Barbara for six years.

Rústica. Ilustraciones. 81 pp. Nuevo. Libro en inglés