Firmly established as both a standard reference work and a collectors’ guide to old maps. Provides a historical background to the subject, and offers practical advice on starting and maintaining a collection. A biographical section lists major map makers between 1450 and 1850, with key dates and works. Ideal for experts and novices alike

Antique Maps is now firmly established as a definitive reference work. With extensive information on the general historical background, details of all the major map-makers and practical advice on collecting old maps, it provides an excellent introduction for the beginner as well as a mass of precise and clearly organized information for the expert and the serious collector.

A beautiful edition in itself, this timeless volume evokes the elegance of maps from the past and the charm of all the distant places they suggest, to show them not only as historical artefacts but also as works of art.

Phaidon. 326 pp. Excelentes condiciones. Libro muy escaso.